[abdx.org] Arizona (SW) Update

Arizona SW Logs listed most recent first. Hopefully useful information for someone can be picked out of here. Frequencies in kHz. Times/Dates in UTC. English used unless otherwise stated. Also (unless otherwise stated) equipment in use: Drake SW1 with outdoor longwire and Slinky; Sangean ATS-405 and 505 (the latter rebadged as an RS SW-2000629) and indoor wire; Grundig Satellit 205/TR5000. Cats whiskers and assistance provided by Ziggy.

Be well and stay safe, 73 and Good Listening….!
– rb.

12075 BOTSWANA  VoA (via the Selebi-Phikwe site) 2120. Good ID at 2120, then dialogue with M and W in French. Lively music, more talk. “Fair” at tune-in, was “Good” by 2145  —  Fair to Good   Jan. 28   Barton-AZ      

11570  PHILIPPINES  Voice of America 1330, Monitored on Drake SW8, longwire. Well over S-9 signal, woman in Korean. Some pop vocal music, but not the hip-hoppy urban music usually heard over VoA. —  Very Good    Jan.  28   Barton-AZ

9705  OPPOSITION (to N Korea)  Nippon no kaze/Wind from Japan at 1300. Monitored on SW-2000629 and 16′ wire. Monologue with man in Korean, woman, then Japanese pop song. Noted // on 7295 with just “Fair” signal.  Bx picked up and went on thru the bottom of the hour  — Very Good    Jan. 28  Barton-AZ

9540   ALASKA  KNLS 0940. Old Carly Simon pop hit, male presenter, mix of English and Russian (predominantly Russian) ––  Fair    Jan.  28   Barton-AZ

9240   CUBA  Unidentifed Numbers Station at 0938. (In progress).  In Spanish, machine-generated woman’s voice, five figure number groups, then alternating with HM-01 digital text file transfer.  Anemic band condx at the moment  —  Poor to Fair    Jan. 28   Barton-AZ 

9860  AUSTRALIA  Reach Beyond Australia  0815, man in Aussie-accented English, there for a time, then just faded out and gone    —  Poor/Fair     Jan. 28  Barton-AZ    

9965  PALAU   Hope Radio MFC Worldwide 0830. Mostly upbeat choral religious music, some religious talk, closing suddenly at 0850.  —  Good    Jan. 28   Barton-AZ   

12040  GUAM  KSDA/Adventist World Radio, 2210. Male choir, religious music, man with religious lecture (English on schedule today) M, W, closing ann, “until we meet again via radio”  — Good    Jan.  27   Barton-AZ   
9690   OPPOSITION/CLANDESTINE (to N Korea)  Furusato no kaze/Wind from Hometown  1610, man in Japanese, pop vocal music, woman in Japanese over closing music  — Good   Jan. 27  Barton-AZ   
5930  OPPOSITION (to/against N Korea)  Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, 1315. In progress at tune-in, woman in Japanese w/ monologue, familiar piano music and sound effect stuff at 1330.(Previously reported here, but I hadn’t seen it yet)    — Good    Jan. 27   Barton-AZ    

13650  JAPAN  NHK World-Japan 2305, W in Vietnamese, and mixing with  the completely pointless Chinese elevator music from CRI (via Quivican Cuba).  The music was just under the NHK programming, making it sound like it was a music bed for the broadcast. Hopefully, that is as bad as it will get over the weekend when NHK has some English news during this hour. — Good     Jan. 26   Barton-AZ 
11985  MADAGASCAR   Adventist World R at 2110, NM in heavily accented English, considered as a Nigerian Pidgin (sounds like people from rural Louisiana – Hi), contact info at 2115, some vocal music and off at the half hour mark. Heard out of the shack on Sangean portable and 16′ vertical    —   Very Good    Jan.  27   Barton-AZ  

11660  SWAZILAND   TWR at 1645.  Trans World R tuning signal and M opening in (listed) Oromo language (Kenya and Ethiopia), some interesting (likely African) vocal music, long talks by various ann.    Heard on random bandscan w/ Drake SW8, short wire, signal pushing bars up to just below S-9 —  Good      Jan. 26   Barton-AZ 

9555  FRANCE  R Deutsche Welle (via Issoudun) 1630 On SW-2000629 and indoor wire/  Talk programming in (listed) Amharic (Ethiopia), some (African-?) music, off at the ToH  —  Good      Jan. 26   Barton-AZ 

6055  JAPAN  R NIKKEI Program One 1500, M and W in English, item about Japan ramping up arms production due to global threats (especially PRC) —  Fair to Good    Jan. 26   Barton-AZ    

13860  SAO TOME  VoA (Pinheira) 1730, Woman, then man,  in long talk (listed) Shona language (Zimbabwe, Mozambique), sounded like magazine   –  Fair    Jan.25    Barton-AZ

9740  TAIWAN  RTI  at 1145.  Pop mx ox, m presenter in Japanese, closing after pips on the hour. Well heard with ATS-405, whip. —  Very Good      Jan. 25   Barton-AZ 

5985  JAPAN  NHK World – Japan  1100. Woman in Russian with apparent news magazine. Was angling for Myanmar (not heard) originally. Same format as the English broadcasts from NHK.   —  Very Good      Jan. 25   Barton-AZ