ABDX stands for American Broadcast DX. We are a group of individuals who love to listen to the radio. DX basically means “distant”. So when we are “DXing” we are listening to our radios to see what’s out there! A lot of what’s out there begins at sunset, when radio waves propogate around the globe. AM radio waves bounce off of the ionosphere and can go for miles at night. We not only do AM, but all bands of the radio including FM and Shortwave. And even longwave – which are the low frequencies down below the AM band. Shortwave DXing can be done during the day, as well as FM skip and E-skip. FM skip is exciting and surprising when conditions are just right and for a little while, FM stations from somewhere across the country (non-local) can come in. There is so much to listen for! We have many different methods…different kinds of radios, many antenna types and more. We all do what we do but have one thing in common…we love to DX! And what we find, we report to each other. Most of keep logs of what we find so that we know whether we’ve heard it before, or if it’s a new logging. Our email list messages are mirrored here on this site. See the “mail list” link up above.